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STAR – Scottsdale

STAR, a Stenograph users group which represents Stenograph, Technology, Agencies, and Reporters, held STARCON16 last week in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The conference was chaired by Wood & Randall President Christine Randall and Rosalie Kramm of Kramm & Associates.  One track of sessions focused on Case CATalyst training while the other track offered a myriad of subject matters including […]

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What Have I Learned Lately?

I would like to think that no matter how old I am — just turned 50, by the way — that I continue to learn on a daily basis. Unfortunately, sometimes I learn just by making mistakes. I personally hate to learn that way, don’t you? Well, I digress. Let’s talk about what I learned […]

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Quick Keys for BlackBerry Users

I consider myself somewhat savvy when it comes to computers and electronic devices.  Well, I guess I did not read the manual that came with my BlackBerry.  Who knew it was so easy?  Well, thanks to my friend Nick Rennillo, I am now saving time with these quick keys.  I LOVE IT!!!  Thank you, Nick.  Nick was a presenter at the […]

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The World of Google

At the Las Vegas STAR convention, attendees learned all about the World of Google from Daniel Bistany, the founder of offNeptune, a web services and social media consulting company.  He explained the basics of Google Maps, Google Apps, Google Chrome, Google Index, Google Alerts, Google Buzz, Google Wave, iGoogle, Google Alerts ….yes, the list goes on and on.   […]

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