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Video Deposition Clips at Trial: California Code of Civil Procedure 2025.340(m) & 2025.620

Video Deposition Clips at Trial and the California Code of Civil Procedure
Before I start rambling on why making clips is so easy and great for trial, it is important to be aware of the California Code of Civil Procedure that pertains to video clips and the use of them during trial. We have heard from many attorneys that having these clips for trial has had a […]

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Quick Keys for BlackBerry Users

I consider myself somewhat savvy when it comes to computers and electronic devices.  Well, I guess I did not read the manual that came with my BlackBerry.  Who knew it was so easy?  Well, thanks to my friend Nick Rennillo, I am now saving time with these quick keys.  I LOVE IT!!!  Thank you, Nick.  Nick was a presenter at the […]

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