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3 Places to Eat in Visalia

3 places to eat in Visalia
I recently traveled to Visalia for some work and really had no idea where to eat. Often times I go out of town, I try to get some recommendations, but it’s sometimes hard when you don’t have an understanding of where exactly you are, when you don’t travel to that town very often. I tend […]

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It’s 2019 and this is what I know I know!

It's 2019 and this is what I know I know
I know attorneys, paralegals, and their staff work long and hard on any given case.  An accurate and concise deposition transcript is critical to the furtherance of that case and the case’s ultimate resolution. After 37 years in this industry, this is what I know I know about working with your trusted reporting firm or […]

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5 Scheduling Tips for Videoconference Depositions

5 Scheduling Tips for Videoconference Depositions
Attending depositions over videoconference has become commonplace for many law firms. Some attorneys do so to save travel time, to save costs, to go green, or simply to avoid the hassle of air travel. Does anyone enjoy taking their shoes off or unpacking their laptop at security?  Let’s say you have a deposition that you […]

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5 Reasons You May Want to Videotape Your Next Deposition

5 Reasons To Videotape Your Next Depo
What we have noticed in our office is that videographer bookings are up as more and more attorneys are using videotaped depositions in trial.  I recently asked our clients for some feedback on why they are choosing to use video more.  Hands down they all agree that it is effective at trial.  Here are the […]

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Best Practices for Booking a Court Reporter for Out-of-Town Depositions

Out-of-town Deposition Scheduling
Although we thought that with the advent of videoconferencing that travel in the legal community would go down, it seems like our clients are traveling more than ever. But what should the busy legal professional do who needs to set up a deposition out of town? How do you find the best court reporter and […]

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