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It’s 2019 and this is what I know I know!

It's 2019 and this is what I know I know
I know attorneys, paralegals, and their staff work long and hard on any given case.  An accurate and concise deposition transcript is critical to the furtherance of that case and the case’s ultimate resolution. After 37 years in this industry, this is what I know I know about working with your trusted reporting firm or […]

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Why Realtime Reporting? It’s not what you think.

Why Realtime Reporting?
As a court reporter and reporting firm owner, I often discuss different technologies with our clients. And in our industry, the technology-based offerings are many.  Realtime, delivering a rough transcript instantaneously during the proceeding to attendees in the room and/or at another location, is obviously a popular subject.  There is no question that there are […]

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New CSRs – Smile and Stay Organized!

I think we all start this career with an idea that we sit behind a machine and diligently take down the spoken word and very competently transcribe that into the perfect record. There’s no question it’s a difficult job. To accomplish this task, we spend years with our focus on speed building, learning new briefs […]

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Court Reporters, The Keepers of the Record – Part 4

This is our last blog post in our “Keepers of the Record” series.  I wanted to finish up with a couple of other code sections that are often discussed when a client is setting up a deposition or at a deposition. Let’s start with CCP 2025.310 which addresses telephonic depositions or remote electronic depositions.  I […]

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Fresno, Bakersfield & Visalia Court Reporters

Remote Counsel Announces Partnership with Wood & Randall Atlanta, GA, May 28, 2015 – Remote Counsel, the leading provider of remote participation solutions for legal events, proudly announces a partnership with, which will enable the firm to manage and deliver all aspects of remote participation for viewing depositions, trials, and other legal events on Remote […]

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