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10 Places to Eat in Downtown Bakersfield

10 places to eat in downtown bakersfield
Are you heading to downtown Bakersfield for a deposition or have a court appearance and are unsure of where to take your client, colleagues or need to grab something yourself? With so many out-of-town clients visiting Bakersfield, we frequently are asked where to get a great lunch or, on occasion, even dinner. Food is my […]

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It’s 2019 and this is what I know I know!

It's 2019 and this is what I know I know
I know attorneys, paralegals, and their staff work long and hard on any given case.  An accurate and concise deposition transcript is critical to the furtherance of that case and the case’s ultimate resolution. After 37 years in this industry, this is what I know I know about working with your trusted reporting firm or […]

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Why Realtime Reporting? It’s not what you think.

Why Realtime Reporting?
As a court reporter and reporting firm owner, I often discuss different technologies with our clients. And in our industry, the technology-based offerings are many.  Realtime, delivering a rough transcript instantaneously during the proceeding to attendees in the room and/or at another location, is obviously a popular subject.  There is no question that there are […]

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A Beginner’s Guide – or Refresher — to Working with Court Reporters

A Beginner’s Guide – or Refresher -- to Working with Court Reporters
With all the parties and get-togethers over the holidays, I had the good fortune of running into an old friend and client.  I had not seen her for the longest time, and we quickly reminisced about the first time we met.  I was reporting a deposition at our office and her office was called and […]

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Court Reporters, The Keepers of the Record – Part 3

Continuing on, let's talk about the rough draft and its use and CCP 2025.540(b). Technology and the use of computer-aided transcription in the court reporting community years ago made it faster than ever to see and capture realtime testimony during a deposition or to easily have a rough draft of the transcript available to litigators at the end of the deposition […]

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