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5 Reasons You May Want to Videotape Your Next Deposition

5 Reasons To Videotape Your Next Depo
What we have noticed in our office is that videographer bookings are up as more and more attorneys are using videotaped depositions in trial.  I recently asked our clients for some feedback on why they are choosing to use video more.  Hands down they all agree that it is effective at trial.  Here are the […]

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Court Reporters, The Keepers of the Record – Part 4

This is our last blog post in our “Keepers of the Record” series.  I wanted to finish up with a couple of other code sections that are often discussed when a client is setting up a deposition or at a deposition. Let’s start with CCP 2025.310 which addresses telephonic depositions or remote electronic depositions.  I […]

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Fresno, Bakersfield & Visalia Court Reporters

Remote Counsel Announces Partnership with Wood & Randall Atlanta, GA, May 28, 2015 – Remote Counsel, the leading provider of remote participation solutions for legal events, proudly announces a partnership with, which will enable the firm to manage and deliver all aspects of remote participation for viewing depositions, trials, and other legal events on Remote […]

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Court Reporters, The Keepers of the Record – Part 3

Continuing on, let's talk about the rough draft and its use and CCP 2025.540(b). Technology and the use of computer-aided transcription in the court reporting community years ago made it faster than ever to see and capture realtime testimony during a deposition or to easily have a rough draft of the transcript available to litigators at the end of the deposition […]

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Court Reporters, The Keepers of the Record – Part 2

Now, this next scenario has come up several times in my 30-plus years of court reporting.  Let’s say that a court reporter goes on a deposition and the witness is sarcastic, argumentative, or just simply awful during the deposition.  We’ve all been there! Also assume that the deposition was not videotaped and the transcript does […]

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